Clubs & Organizations

Paint Valley Local School students care about more than sports and academics.   Luckily, at Paint Valley, there are always ways for students to pursue their passions. A club can be formed by any student group with a faculty (or non-faculty) advisor and a simple form.   Here are some of the fantastic clubs that have been formed by students or faculty in the past.

National Honor Society (NHS)

Formed to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in the students of Paint Valley High School. The Paint Valley Chapter of the NHS is an active service force in our community and seeks bright students every year for membership. 

The NHS application and bylaws can be found here.

Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS)

This student run organization meets regularly to in a service-oriented capacity to support the students of Paint Valley and the greater Paint Valley Community.

Drug Free Club M.A.D.E. - available for students grades 9 - 12

Drug Free Clubs of America was founded by firefighters. Despite all their efforts, they witnessed lives slipping away to drugs and envisioned their own loved ones having the same potential outcome. They had to do something. They realized if people never started, they would never have to quit, bringing Drug Free Clubs to life. 

Research shows that the strongest prevention models tie together the efforts of a teen’s school, home, and community into one unified program. It’s imperative that we come together to protect teens from the harmful influences of substance use. One way you can help is through financial support of Drug Free Clubs of America. Participation from alumni, families, and community members are crucial to our success.

Quiz Bowl 

Art Club

High School Science Club

The Science Club is a low-key after-school club that meets potentially once a week to work on projects such as 3D printing, science fair, and to discuss other hot science topics.

Middle School Science Club

Middle School Student Council

Each year, Paint Valley Middle School students elect officers to represent each grade level 6-8.  Throughout the year, this group of officers discuss important issues affecting the lives of middle schoolers today, fundraise for events, host dances, and sponsor teacher appreciation week.

High School Student Council