This is our sub-finding program. Teachers will use this to request a substitute and substitutes will use this program to learn about open positions. 1st time set up, call SmartFind - (740) 268-4125. Get your PIN from your principal.

Google Classroom

Link to Paint Valley's Learning Management System (LMS).

Chrome Web Store

The Chrome web store offers hundreds of free educational apps.

Chromebook Handbook

This is the handbook that contains usage guidelines and proper care instructions for Chromebook useage.


Link to your Gmail account. (You may need to log in.)

MAPS Status

MAPS Login


Progress Book

Staff Log-in to Progress Book. Make sure Domain is set to Piketon.

Requisition Request

Use this link to buy things for the school. Be sure to fill out this form and wait for a purchase order BEFORE you buy anything with school funds.

Google Docs


This is our facilities management software. Use this to reserve a classroom, request a bus for a field trip, or put in a custodial or technology request ticket. If you want it done, submit the request via FMX.

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