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My name is Erin Goddard and I am the Elementary School Counselor at Paint Valley Local Schools. I am excited for the 2022-2023 school year. I want to welcome you to the new school year and share a little about what I will be doing at school.  As your student's school counselor I will be talking to them about careers, good manners, leadership, helping others, community, empathy, kindness, healthy relationships and how to be a good friend. Students will also learn how to handle emotions  ( Ex. anger, excitement, fear, joy, and sadness) and what strategies to use to help them through strong emotions. I will also provide short term individual counseling as needed and some small group counseling. As the counselor I will also help students, staff, and the community in times of crisis or as needed. I am looking forward to working with students and staff here at Paint Valley Elementary. 


Erin Goddard, Elementary School Counselor

Paint Valley Local Schools

Phone 740-634-3454 Extension 14203

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Counselors Newsletter

March and April 2023

Paint Valley Elementary School Counselor Communication & News


In March we start preparing for state tests and getting students ready and talking about wellness and test taking strategies.  We often discuss how both physical and mental health needs are real. We share examples for physical health such as exercise or strength training and healthy food habits. We also talk about how to care for your mental health. Some examples are Eating healthy, getting rest, learning how to handle emotions, communicating and developing coping strategies. Together both allow you to be strong and healthy physically and mentally.


In April we will do much or our testing. It will be state tests and MAP test. If you have questions please feel free to call and talk to your student teacher or myself and I am happy to answer question you might have. If you have a 3rd grade student please see the information below that is specific to the third grade guarantee.  

Support/Donations Needs: If you need help with getting your student a coat, gloves or food please reach out and we can share resources and information to help. 

Important upcoming dates:

Local Community Resources

General resources and resource connection

Food and Hunger assistance

Housing/Utility Assistance

Mental Health 

Cooking Matters Brochure Feb March 23 revised.pdf
Third Grade Guarantee